Shelia Cain-Sample


Sheila Cain-Sample

Pen & Pencil Artist


I grew up in Ottawa and after high school attended a two year art program where I studied Drawing and Painting, Life Drawing, Design, Layout, Photography and Illustration. I developed a love for detail, so began my journey into hyper realism and how I could achieve that using my pen and pencils.

After all these creative years I realize that the more I learn, there is still so much more I can learn and I find that exciting.

What first attracts me to a piece is that I love the contrast between light and dark – it draws you in. Detailed photo-realism is my challenge. To achieve that… I can loose myself in my art and at the end of a session I feel very content. Drawing gives me perspective in my life and peace in my soul.

I take my time when I work, getting to know my subject. I work in small sections varying around the piece so I don’t lose my enthusiasm. Laying in colour is always exciting. The fun part is the journey not the finish line.

Where I work varies depending on the light, my mood and what I’m working on. I’m most creative in the morning but get the most done mid afternoon when I’m on my own.

I love the versatility and ease of graphite and coloured pencils. I can take them anywhere to work.

Sheila Cain-Sample ∙ Ashton, Ontario ∙ 613-838-4220