Sarah Lahbari

Each painting is created using acrylic paint. Inspiration comes from living in the moment I’m creating my artwork. I am drawn to using lots of different color combinations, movement and mixing of colors.

Each painting comes with rose quartz and selenite crystals attached to the back of the canvas frame. Rose quartz is the stone of universal love, deep healing and peace. I chose this stone because I hope to spread love, healing and peace through my artwork.

Each bracelet is handcrafted with beautiful crystal beads. Some bracelets have silver charms and accent beads, as well as lava stones for diffusing essential oils. Each crystal has their unique healing qualities. These bracelets are not only beautiful but beneficial!

Each crystal pendant starts with specially selected crystal which is then wrapped in sterling silver wire.

All bracelets and pendants come with a card explaining the benefits of each crystal.


Art Work