Marianne H. Nielsen

I am a self taught abstract artist and discovered it in my later years. I have fallen madly in love with creating and expressing myself using colour and acrylic paint. It’s kinda like a drug, in the sense that I feel the need to create, and on those days when I don’t, which isn’t often, I find myself missing the desire of artistic self expression!! Painting allows me to create my own colourful world here on earth!

My passion is abstract art and this has opened the doors to the discovery of what moves me, being aware of my thoughts, energies and feelings which translates into a world of my own. In my art and my life I have learned to slow down, accept the ‘ugly’ stages, ride the wave of the energetic flow, trust my instincts, and above all else find the joy in every aspect of creating.

I am married to a man I have known for almost 40 years who had a massive stroke in 2008 and currently resides in long-term care. We have two young adult sons, who are exploring the world each in their own way. My daily company consists of two cats, Wynston and Lucy, and a standard poodle, Milo, who keeps me entertained and loves to lay at my feet while I paint in my studio! I am also the owner of an off-the-track thoroughbred horse, Onyx, who brings me much joy and many life lessons giving me the opportunity to discover a deeper level of self.