Marianne H. Nielsen


It all started . . .

During a very difficult time in my life when I felt the need for solace and quiet moments, and a way to express my emotions more profoundly than I could with words.

My husband experienced a massive stroke in 2008 and I became a single mother to two preteens, one of which had extreme behavioral issues while also being on the autism spectrum. As a result, I turned to art to sooth my inner imbalance.

In 2016 I turned to abstract art inspired by the galaxy, music and colour. I create intuitively building through layers of paint a unique world from within. As I paint I feel as though I’m dancing amongst the stars.

How I Paint . . .

I create colourful, organic, abstracted galaxy acrylic paintings, with music playing a large role in my creative process, influencing the fluidity and movement of my art. It becomes a dance with the energies, emotions, and colour of the music lifting me into my dreamland.

I work in many layers which builds depth as I scrape, push, lift, and blend paint using various tools. My favorite tools are palette knives, wedges, spatulas, and brayers.

Painting is cathartic, and gives me permission to explore my emotions, both the negative and positive. I benefit by learning to embrace my negative emotions with as much gusto, joy, acceptance, and excitement as I do the positive ones, and this affords me the opportunity to build my confidence, trust in my process, and feel complete as I express my deepest self on the canvas.

With each added layer, I play with colours which sing in harmony and resonates with my higher self.

As for my personal life, I am married to a man I have known for 40 years, who had a massive stroke in 2008, and currently resides in a long-term care facility. We have two young adult sons who are exploring the world each in their own way.

My daily company consists of two cats, Wynston and Lucy, and a standard poodle Milo. I am also the owner of an off the track Thoroughbred horse, Onyx, who brings me much joy and many life lessons, giving me the opportunity of understanding a deeper level of self.