Kat McClure


Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Kat‘s greatest
pleasure is creating abstract inspired by reality. Her love of blues and
greens comes from her fascination with the ocean and sky and while she
experiments with all colours, she returns time and time again to these
colours of nature. She uses vivid colour or misty, soft combinations. Kat
has taken numerous workshops, including mixed media, water colour
pencils, printmaking and encaustic. She experiments with gel mediums
and just about anything to add texture and interest.
“Colours and shapes are my triggers. I see beautiful objects of nature
and want to take those images and capture the feelings that I had when I
saw them. I want people to be intrigued by my art and be drawn in by it.’’
Kat volunteers with Friends of Hospice Ottawa where she shares her
knowledge and passion to help other people discover their creativity. She
was President of the Richmond Village Art Club for many years and has
been on the executive of the Nepean Fine Arts League for 8 years, 3 of
which were as President. She has also been a member of a number of
other art organizations and has just joined the West Carleton Art Society.
A resident of Richmond, Kat’s work has been displayed in local businesses,
clinics, restaurants, the Mlacak Centre in Kanata, Gallery D’OMMA, the
Ottawa Little Theatre and Ben Franklin Place at Centrepointe.